Lentil and vegetable soup

lentil veg soup

Soup served with side of mixed leaves and seeded loaf


Lots of red lentils
two big sticks of celery
one large potato
3 oxo cubes
boiling water
olive oil
whole grain mustard
ground coriander
soy sauce
black pepper


Rinse the lentils, simmer for 15 mins until turned yellow.
Lightly fry the veg finely chopped in the oil and seasoning
Add water and oxo cubes (stock) to the veg, add soy sauce.
Drain the lentils slightly, and add to the veg (maybe need a third, large pan if you aren’t prepared, I wasn’t!).
Add a spoon of mustard, and simmer for 15 mins.
Serve with side of mixed leaves and slice of seedy bread.

Mmmm! Put the rest in the fridge ’til tomorrow, I made far too much!

Liz will vouch that this was a good meal.


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