Central American food night

Central American food night

Cornbread, plantain chips, avocado, salsa, black bean mush.

My unplanned attempt at making something a little Central American – don’t know how authentic or not it was, but enjoyable all the same!

Clockwise from left:

I used this recipe:
I substituted rice milk in place of soya milk, and vegetable oil in place of canola oil.

Plantain Chips
Jan’s recipe, diagonal sliced yellow plantain, shallow fried in diced onions and curry powder.
The curry powder dyed my plates luminous yellow!

Sliced raw avocado at the top (a perfectly ripe one makes all the difference!)

Again, I’m not saying this is authentic, but it’s my recipe and I like it. So there!
3 diced tomatoes, 3 cloves crushed garlic, dollop tamarind & date paste, e.v. olive oil, black pepper, dollop tomato purée
Mixed all together.

Black Bean Mush
This was improvised with my scant memory of what the People’s Kitchen in Hulme do to make black bean soup, and could have been much better.
Black turtle beans (soaked overnight), leek, garlic, little grated ginger, fresh thyme, water.
Cook the beans first, blend most of it with a hand blender then add to the softened leek and garlic and ginger, add bay leaves near the end.
It would have been better with tomatoes and chilli and some more spices. Instead, I just put a load of hot pepper sauce on it at the table.


Some Toffuti sour cream would have been a great accompaniment too, but I think on the whole this meal was great. Took 1.5 hours to make but could have done it a little faster (not allowing for pre-soaking the beans).


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