Sugar-free mint choc ice cream

Mint choc ice cream

This recipe makes about 1 litre, just a small about is shown here

A new variation on my non-dairy ice cream recipe, the first non-sugar one I’ve made.  Start this early in the morning and allow a night for it to set.  Makes about a litre.


  • 100g soya marg (this time, I used Pure brand organic)
  • 250ml / 300g agave syrup
  • 500ml non-flavoured rice milk
  • 100g no added sugar dark chocolate (without milk) (Holland & Barrett or Thorntons)
  • 3 dessert spoons soya cream
  • 8 large fresh mint leaves, finely chopped


  1. As in the other ice cream recipes, melt the marg and chocolate, then stir in the agave syrup and cream together (about a third of both at a time).
  2. Stir in all the milk gradually.
  3. Pour this into a suitable tub for freezing. Put it in the freezer and bring it out to stir up every hour for about 6 hours.  (At this point, you’ll wish you had an ice cream making machine, but it’ll be worth it at the end!)
  4. On the last stir, chop the mint leaves and fold them in.  (You may wish to transfer the mixture to a new tub now, this is the last chance to do so.)  Now freeze overnight.
  5. Next morning, it will be ready!  The texture is a little like a sorbet more than the previous ice cream recipe (with chocolate and sugar), so don’t be alarmed.

Be aware this will melt faster than shop-bought ice cream, and even faster than the versions with sugar — better eat it up quickly!  I only used 4 mint leaves and mixed them into half of the tub, so I had half plain, half mint.  Chocolate chops would be a great addition too.


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