GUEST SPOT: Polenta and tofu lasagne pie

Polenta and tofu lasagne pie

Served with shallow fried potato and mixed leaves

One of Andrew’s made-up-as-he-went-along masterpieces.


  • Two large packets of tofu (Chinese supermarket – 79p each!)
  • Block of pre-made polenta
  • For red sauce:
  • Medium onion
  • Tin chopped tomatoes
  • Tamarind (Ambli) sauce
  • Sweetcorn (frozen)
  • Garden Peas (frozen)
  • Cheap black pitted olives (‘pizza olives’)
  • Minced (or other) chillies and/or hot pepper sauce
  • Bouillon powder
  • For white sauce:
  • Olive oil
  • Plain flour
  • Whole grain mustard
  • Vegetable stock cubes
  • Big dollop of homemade hummus
  • Dry grated garlic/chilli powder
  • Small amount of almond (or any non-dairy) milk
  • Hot water


Use square oven proof dish (roughly 20 x 20cm)

  1. Chop each block of tofu into 8 thin rectangular slices; chop polenta block into 16 equivalent slices
  2. Roast polenta on a flat oven shelf with a light coating of oil until partly cooked (c. 150°C for c. 10 minutes)
  3. Put 8 tofu slices flat on bottom of dish (to try and cover surface) then put 8 polenta slices at right angles to create a second layer
  4. Make red sauce as follows:  mix together tinned tomatoes, chilli, tamarind, finely chopped (optionally fried) onion, smidgen of bouillon powder and vegetables – pour over tofu/polenta slices in dish so they are covered and red sauce is in between all the gaps; bake in hot oven (>200°C) for 10 minutes or so
  5. Make white sauce as follows: boil 1 cup of water in kettle in preparation;  put c. 1 table spoon olive oil into pan and heat, stir in c. 2 tablespoons flour and whisk/stir thoroughly so all flour is absorbed to make a hot oily paste, then – before it starts to burn – add boiling water incrementally and stir vigorously; flour mix should expand to make thick white saucy gloop – stir in dissolved vegetable stock, large hummus dollop and generous amount of mustard plus anything else you fancy (yeast flakes, grated vegan cheese, mayo etc); turn into the correct consistency (gravy-like) by adding nut milk
  6. Take dish out of oven; repeat step 3 with remaining tofu and polenta slices; cover with white sauce until all tofu/polenta is covered
  7. Bake in oven (<200°C) for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown crust is formed
  8. Serve with shallow fried potatoes and green salad
Polenta and tofu lasagne pie 2

Just out of the oven


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