Chocolate Flake (non-dairy)

Chocolate Flake open

in an open wrapper in all its glory

After years of wondering how to make a Cadbury Flake bar, we finally thought “let’s look it up on YouTube” — and sure enough, there is a video of a chocolatier Andy Cameron making something very similar.

We used 75% Organica Couverture “Milk” chocolate and 25% Kinnerton Dark Chocolate melted together.

The YouTube video explains it well, but basically:

  1. Pour melted chocolate onto a clean flat table or marble into a puddle.
  2. Flatten the puddle with a (clean new) wallpaper scraper.
  3. When it’s nearly dry, run the scraper from one end to the other to make a roll of flake.  (Do this when the puddle is a bit wetter than Andy does in the video, as we’re making a bar not a curl.)
  4. Carefully push the roll of flake together and transfer to a foil wrapper, then freeze for an hour.

There is a knack to be had to make these successfully, and they might be best kept chilled.

Chocolate Flakes in custom wrappers

in custom wrappers I designed, based on the Cadbury ones (not for profit!)


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