Chocolate almond pudding-cake (refined sugar-free)

Chocolate almond pudding-cake

Can you see the three layers? With chocolate chips and decorative almonds on top.

Three layers of deliciousness: chocolate sponge cake, almond pudding, chocolate cream.  All free from refined sugar too!

See my previous recipes for chocolate fairy cakes, almond-plum pudding and chocolate torte to get the detailed recipes for each layer.


  1. Make the sponge cake mix, and bake in a glass dish (about 20cm by 20cm).
  2. When cooled, make the almond pudding (with fruit sugar/fructose) and pour over the cake.  Level it off with a palette knife.
  3. When that has begun to set, make the chocolate cream and pour that over the top of the cake.  Keep it in the glass dish but place that in a large air-tight container for at least half an hour to allow the top layer to set. Decorate with chocolate chips and a few almonds when semi-set.

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