Chocolate knickerbocker glory

Chocolate knickerbocker glory

Six glasses that demand to be respected, then devoured.

The ultimate chocolate dessert.  After watching HBO’s Carnivàle show, I wanted to make something American early 20th Century, and this came to mind.  After various changing plans, and preparing over four days, this is the result.  (Who needs dairy?)

Layers, bottom to top

  • Chocolate mousse
    • Half carton Alpro soya chocolate dessert and 100g dark chocolate, melted together.
  • Sponge cake fairy cakes, diced
  • Bourbon biscuit milkshake
    • Thicker version of my previous bourbon milkshake recipe, using ~100ml soya milk to half a tub of Swedish Glace and 6 biscuits.
  • Cookie dough blob
  • Flake
    • Made with Cadbury Bournville chocolate, using the previous flake recipe.
  • Shiny balls
    • Some of the shiny balls at Asda are vegan.  Look to avoid shellac, which comes from insects, despite the Vegetarian Society approving it.

Makes at least 6 servings in champagne /small wine glasses.


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