Simnel cake (gluten-free) (egg-free) (dairy-free)

Simnel cake

Includes 11 marzipan balls with smiley faces (some had grumpy faces actually…)

We had guests coming round, one of whom does not eat gluten or wheat, and I had planned to make a cake.  I’ve substituted regular flour for a direct alternative before when making a sponge cake gluten-free, but fancied making something a bit more interesting. The only gluten-free vegan cake recipe I could find on the internet that did not involve ‘exotic’ flours that I’d never heard of was for Simnel Cake on the Doves Farm website.

Now yes, I know it’s not Easter, not for ages, but I didn’t let something like that stop me!

I followed their recipe almost exactly (minus the candied peel), so follow the link above for details. One thing I would note, however, is that it did not brown for me when cooking, like I expected it to. Perhaps that was the special flour? Perhaps my oven was too cool? I had it set to 140°C as I have a fan oven, and the recipe called for 160°C (for two hours, be warned!).



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